Poutine râpée…oh how I love thee, Poutine râpée

                                                                                                                                                Poutine rapee….oh my….just let me wipe the drool off my chin.  Boy do I love poutine rapee. 

Now for those who are not familiar with poutine rapee, please do not confuse it with the Quebecois fast food called poutine.  Poutine rapee is a traditional Acadian dish that consists of boiled potato dumpling with a pork filling. 

Now I started off on an adventure on Saturday to find a craft store that was going out of business in Saint Antoine……really Bubblicious heard about the craft store and convinced me that an adventure to find it that day was in order.  Well beside this craft store there was a bar….and in this bars window was a sign…..yup you guess right Poutine Rapee…and boy was that sign calling my name.  So in I went, Bubblicious came along but she wasn’t to sure about this poutine rapee thing…..her not being Acadian and all. 

I could smell it as soon as I walked in…oh my….already my taste buds were going into overdrive.  I ordered this delicious concoction and headed for a table.  Now I enjoy my poutine rapee with sugar and butter but butter was not an option here so sugar only it was.   That first bite…….ahhhh…..heaven!! Memories came flooding back of family meals, drool started to drip down my chin, my vocal chords just couldn’t stop signing…it was delicious….a trip down ecstasy lane I will be so bold as to say!

Now Bubblicious seeing this reaction decided to be brave and give it a try….I won’t speak for her but I will give this observation, she took more than one bite and did mention that it was surprisingly better tasting then it looked!!!! So for those of you who never tried it….be brave it’s good.

 Now my poutine rapee adventure doesn’t end there….nope that is just the start.  Hopping back into the car we headed out to check out a few other places around the area that are our favorites and in doing this I found yet another place selling poutine rapee……yup once I got a taste it just wasn’t enough…..my taste buds were not satisfied and they were not going to settle for anything less than another meal!  This time I found a local Knights of Columbus club selling them for a fund-raiser.  Fresh, home-made by the locals and I just couldn’t wait.  In I went, the kitchen was  filled with the steam of boiling poutine and teeming with local women all making these incredible delicasies…..now I being the charming, debonaire man I am managed to sweet talk my way into the kitchen with these lovely ladies….this allowed me to hand-pick my choices…..ah…..so much pleasure in such a little thing.  I ended up with 4 in total.  I’m still eating them and each time I place one on my plate my mouth waters and my lips smile…oh do they smile!

I have made poutine rapee many years ago.  The memory left from that time is the amount of work it took and how rough those graters were on my poor hands.  I have included a recipe below….it’s not “mine” but its basic poutine rapee. 


  1. 1
    Soak the salted pork in cold water overnight to remove the excess salt.
  2. 2
    Cut into cubes.
  3. 3
    Grate the uncooked potatoes and extract the water from them by squeezing them in a cloth.
  4. 4
    Mix the grated potatoes with the mashed, seasoned potatoes, adding more seasoning if necessary.
  5. 5
    Make a hole in the centre of the potato ball with your thumb and add a tablespoon of the salted pork.
  6. 6
    Close up the hole and roll the poutine in white flour and gently lower the poutine into a large pot of boiling,salted water.
  7. 7
    Keep the water boiling and simmer the poutines for 2-3 hours.
  8. 8
    Serve hot with butter, salt and pepper, or as a dessert with sugar a molasses.

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One response to “Poutine râpée…oh how I love thee, Poutine râpée

  • klem

    Acadian poutine is far better than the Quebec kind. I could eat these things everyday. They’re a bit ugly to look at but they are fantastic with butter and salt and pepper.

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